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Project Description
I am setting up simple ASP NET MVC test project in order to demonstrate how to create cross-platform webdelivery backend with ASP.NET

Project target is to develop client-server component which enables web developer to use multiple web (UI)frameworks for building webapplication. Project aims to provide best, device specific user experience for multiple form factor mobile devices.

1.ASP.NET backend which serves web content for multiple OS clients.
2. test db needs to be created
3. how to generate multiple web UIs
4. how make it with .NET infrastructure

Apart from choosing the programming languages, there at least three different approaches how multiple OSs devices can be served effectively from .NET-backend:

*build mobile, OS specfic pages from existing Web Forms
*create separate desktop and mobile specific pages from the start by using eg. ASP.NET Mobile Web pages
*start design from client side: 3rd html 5/javascript party libraries

Each of the case it is recommended to study first device detection technologies in order to understand what kind of devices and platform you are actually need to support with your set up. Before starting any of this, you also need to check out version number of your .NET runtime and how different UI libraries are supported at each platform.

You could also start from hereHow to apply MVC to mobile project

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