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specification document


Specification Document which explains the purpose of the application and collects all its requirements

Sample application will be e.g Flick feed reader that simply demonstrates how the same webcontent /-service can be scaled at different platforms. There is The Flickr.Net API Library for accessing the Flickr API. Current CodePlex Flickr.NET API is written in C# and it can be accessed from the following framework:
*.Net Framework 2.0 and above.
*.Net Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 and above.
*Silverlight 3.0 and above.
*Windows 7 Phone
*Monotouch for iPhone

cross-platform requirements for Flickr application
*easy to create different UI Views based on the multiple web clients
*mobile connectivity and bandwidth issues


Scenario where user can view and search Flickr pictures with the device.
  1. Users should be able to view list of Flickr Categories with the device
  2. The category list should be searchable
  3. User should be able to choose one picture from the Category list
  4. Using device input method user should be able retrieve picture to View